How do I book an appointment?2015-06-19T07:28:30+00:00

There are 2 different ways to book an appointment, please call us on 07908 073653 / 01935 822200 or email us bark@emilysgroomroom.com. You can also look at online calendar to see the availability for appointments.

Do you collect dogs?2015-06-15T07:31:29+00:00

Yes we are happy to collect dogs using our fully insured vehicles, please email or call us for more information and costing.

How long will the groom take?2015-06-15T07:31:29+00:00

Depends on the breed, style required and the coat condition of your dog. Please see our treatments page for approximate times for different treatments, or call us to discuss individual requirements.

Do I leave my dog with you?2015-06-15T07:31:29+00:00

Depending on the treatment your dog is visiting for, if it a quick treatment such as a nail clip, then you can stay with your dog. If the treatment is longer or one of our full grooms/bath and brush out then you will need to leave your dog with us but, if you are concerned about leaving your special friend with us then please call and we can discuss this.

Can I park easily?2015-06-15T07:31:29+00:00

Yes, we have easily accessible parking spaces situated close to the salon.

Do you sedate dogs?2015-06-15T07:31:29+00:00

No we do not sedate dogs, if your dog has to be groomed under sedation then please discuss this with your veterinary surgeon and then contact us.

Is there anything I should tell you before my dog is groomed?2015-06-15T07:31:29+00:00

Please let us know if your pet has fleas or any medical or skin condition, this will allow us to use the correct shampoo and conditioner for bathing them. If you do have a special shampoo from your vet, feel free to bring along and we will use it. Please also advise us of your pet’s temperament so we can ensure that they have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Can I cancel or change my appointment at any time?2015-06-15T07:31:28+00:00

At Emily’s Groom Room we operate on an appointment system. Should you need to change your appointment, we do require 48 hours’ notice so we can offer your appointment out. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, we will charge 50% of the groom.