Woof, its all go go go here at HQ, Mum and Dad are going on and on about a show, It must be pretty important judging on how much its being talked about!  Mum says there is all sorts of things going on; strutting your stuff around a ring and showing off how pretty or handsome you are, ones where you can jump over things and go through these dark holes (sounds like too hard work to me!), things to watch when us woofs are meant to do as we are told, lots of stands where mums and dads can buy lots of nice things for us, things for those little people to do run around and do and most importantly (well to me): food!!!! So Mum has said to me that its my job to round up the troops and make it a wooftastic day!

So all you woofs; grab your humans and see you at Emily’s Groom Room on Bearley Lane, on Sunday 18th September!

Dog Show at Tintinhull, Somerset