“Come here Dudley, mummy has a present for you,”…Ooo is it food, hmm doesn’t smell like food, but it smells interesting, “Let mummy put it on Dudley,” Oh god mum, what have I got to wear now? “Don’t you look handsome in your new collar Dudley!” If you say so mum, just feels like a collar to me! “Your such a lucky boy having that made for you,” Yes mum, now where are those biscuits?

This new collar has got a funny extra flappy bit, doesn’t bother me, I can just feel it there, probably mum putting more clothes on me to stop me getting in the sun! WALK TIME!!! WOOOOFFFF!!! Ooo there goes mad and madder (I mean Pippa and Mia) running past me like a tornado, Do they ever slow down? Ill just wonder along, don’t want to over do it….”Hey Dudley, what’s that around your neck? Hey Mia, look at Dudley,” Oh mum got it for m, you know what she’s like, always treating us, “But why don’t we have new collars with funny flappy bits on them?” Probably because you spend half your time running through hedges, and besides which your not as good-looking as me! “Oww Mia, we aren’t as good-looking as Dudley,” “Just ignore him Pippa, he’s been spending too much time on his armchair!  We’ll get one from mum’s work, I over heard mum talking to dad about selling new collars and leads where we go to get our hair done,” “Yippeee, now where are those bunnies……”