YAWN….oh its that time again, here comes mum and dad coming down the stairs, can I not just have 5 more minutes in bed??? “Dudley, todays the day!!!!” mum squeeks, what’s going on now? Mum’s not normally that cheery in the morning, she normally has something in one of the cup things before she’ll event grunt…hmmm………

“Come on dud’s up you get, I need to pack your bed!” Bed? why are you moving that? I’d just made my nice warm bit, hpuff, I suppose I’ll just have to go and make sure the garden is all marked….. “Dudley, Dudley, DUDLEY!!!!”, alright alright I’m coming! Hmm the big car, oh no, mad and madder are already in there,  *sigh* they take up all the space! Move over girls, I’m coming in!

After what feels like a life time of being swayed around and nail tightening moments (don’t tell dad I said that), it appears we.ve arrived! “Puppy dogs, we’re on holibobs!!” WOOOFFFFFFF, all those smells I can smell coming in through the window, let me out! “alright Dudley, just wait a minute”, on goes the lead and they release us, ah freedom! The sand between my paws and the big wet stuff in front of us, its heaven! So many sniffs, all these different scents from other dogs, ah mad and madder are doing their usual tricks or running in and out of the wet stuff-why? On we walk, I don’t know where to sniff first!

Mum, we’ve been walking for agesssss, can we not stop yet? “Come on Dud’s…” my paws are aching, I’m not built for this endurance milark! “There’s a good boy, not much further now, then you can get on your bed and have a rest, lots more walking tomorrow Duds.” Woofie, big tea for me then Dad!!!  Dudley and his girls from tintinhull

Dudley from Tintinhull