Well normality has resumed in the family household, Mum and Dad are back from their trip away; somewhere called Crufts- but I wasn’t allowed to go, as Mum said I would show all the other dogs up as I am so handsome…..true, but I would have liked to have gone……anyway, we were looked after by our second mum (also known as Nanny, but she insists she is too young to be a nanny, so mum it is!) and we had a wooftastic time, even if my paws are aching a little now! Today though, something is occurring, Mum and Dad are loading the big car up with towels, bags, and wait a paw….my lead!! That can only mean one thing………ROADTRIP!!!!!! WOOOFFFFFF!!

There we go, bundled in the back with mad and madder (I really don’t see why they have to come, but hey ho I guess it’ll be fun with some company), and we’re off! Blimey, Dad’s driving is a little bumpy, I’ll just settle down here and paw on round the corners…..bump, jerk, bump…oo ah mad and madder have just slipped over too…. this seems to be taking ages….are we there yet?

Finally, the bumping stops and Mum and Dad are getting out…Wooofff, the smells? What are they? Hold a paw, I recognise them….The Seaside!! Let me out, let me out, “Dudley just wait a minute, you’ve got to have your lead on!” Oh come on Mum, so many smells to sniff… yes, we’re finally off! Nothing beats the feeling of sand between your paws and oh no, here comes that wet stuff again…..run, phew and we missed it! Mad and madder are running around like ‘mad things’ as per usual, it is kind of exciting though, being somewhere new and all these different smells! Blimey though, what are Mum and Dad going for? A marathon? My paws are starting to ache, and it really is rather warm, “It’s ok Dudley, we are nearly there..” Phewwww….

After what seems like a woofing long walk, finally I get to lay down and relax these well walked paws, Mum and Dad are muttering away and then Dad’s off, wait a paw…where’s he going? Oh there he is, sniffffffffff what’s he carrying? FISH AND CHIPS!!!!!!!!! WOOF!!!



Patiently waiting for Fish and Chips

Mia from tintinhull


pippa from tintinhull

and Madder