“Does Dudley want to come with Mummy and Jill?” Wooofffffff- road trip!!! Where are we going mummy? ooo and there’s that other funny lady who talks to me lots and when I put my most appealing eyes on she also gives me biscuits! Oh ouch, up into the car we get, my bones are getting too old for this, good old mum giving me a hand with the back end!

After what seems like a decade of going around gazilions of bends that means I had to dig in to hold on-I’m sure mum will understand- the car comes to a stop! “Dudley, we’re here!” Where mum? As the door opens, I’m hit by a wave of news smells-what are these? Smells like food, plastic, perfume…what is this place? ” Come on Dud’s, we’ve got shopping to do,” mum tugs on my lead, but I want to sniff here, ” Dudley, come on….” It looks like mum has brought to be big shed thing that is full of stuff-great, this is going to be exciting Zzzzz, hold a paw, this stuff smells good….smells edible…….its a dog shop!!! Woooffffffffffff!!!! As we weave in and out of some of ‘the stuff’-mum likes to think she knows where she is going! we stop at a section of stuff that smells mmm mmm mmm and there is so many toys-its like a dog’s dream come true! “Come on Dudley we need to choose some things for the shop”,  Shop what shop?? ” Dudley we’re having a new shop at the Grooming Salon, so there will tasty things, things to play with and things to wear all under one roof when you and your friends come to visit,” The other lady is jumping around like a jelly bean! Crazy woman! I think I’m just going to lay here, as you don’t seem to be coming up for breath with all this chatting…Zzzzzzz…..

….”Dudley, are you coming with us or staying here?” oh sorry mum, must have dozed off….Wow that’s a lot of stuff to bring home mum, glad its not me unpacking the car…..

Back at home and finally get to see some of these goodies mum has brought…my favourite has to be a new boomer ball, round and round the garden we go, its so frustrating- just want to destroy it but I suppose they call it fun at the same time!  So the motto to my blog this time, is to go and see mum at Emily’s Groom Room and treat your woof to something from their new shop!

Woof ya later

Duds x