Wooooofffff everyone! Sorry I haven’t had much to woof about recently, but Mummy has been really busy (or so she says..) and hasn’t had time to sit down and help me write this, as my paws are a bit big for the funny thing that taps a lot!

Anyway, its been wooftasticly busy here at HQ (head quarters) and Mummy has asked me to talk about a new thing that we are starting, now what did she call it?….oh yes that’s it ‘Emily’s Canine Country Walks’ which basically is just a fancy way of saying, ‘Walky time!!’ Now, how its going to work is, Mummy has invited her worky dogs, don’t ask me how, but basically if you want to come-please do! and we are all going to go for a nice long walk around HQ here! It’ll give me chance to show all of you other woofs how cool it is here and we can check out the latest sniffs! We all have to stay on leads to make sure there isn’t any arguments, and then when we reach the cool bits like the woods and pond, we are going to have free time with all the woofs that get along together! Mummy says we are going to walk the entire farm so it could be a long one but Mum assures me there is cake at the end so that’s where I will be heading! Woof woof!

So if you want to be part of my cool gang then get in touch with mum and she can give you all the details or she says click on the link below (don’t ask me, I’m off to find the biscuit tin…….)