Oo mum’s getting my lead…..that can only mean one thing-WALK TIME!!! WOOOOOFFFF!! Where’s mad and madder though? That’s strange, they aren’t here…Hmm oh well, just Mum and me…..off we go….hold a paw, who’s mum letting out? Oh god they’re coming towards me….Ooo Ladies!! They smell nice and they aren’t half as quick as mad and madder! I like this little hairy one, she’s rather nice, I’ll just have a sniff…..OUCHHHHH, alright there was no need for that…”Come on Bo Bo, naughty collie wollie, leave Dudley alone!” Thanks mum, think I nearly lost a chunk off my nose then! I’ll just hand behind in case she comes back for round 2.  The little black one is alright, she’s just sniffing along and talking to my mum a lot! Its nice to be out with some new girls, even if I have to watch out for that collie!

Off we go out around the farm, so many things to sniff and try to dodge those wet things, its a bit chilly to be getting my paws wet, along we go tum te tum…….. Oh look collie dog is back by my side, parading around like she is something special, well she seems to be in a better mood now, I’ll just try and have a little sniff………..Ooo ok maybe not then, what’s her game? One minute she likes me and the next its all teeth baring…….Girl’s ey!