And its time to relax….what a busy woof I have been recently, first of the events was the arrival of Mum’s Grandparents, who were brilliant, they spent all day talking to me, and of course I helped them out clearing their plates and mopping up biscuit crumbs; mum does keep going on about my muffin tops….think she means I’ll get some of those yummy muffins again! The only bad bit about more people staying is that they took over my arm chair-how rude!!

The next big event was something mum and dad had been muttering about for ages…their wedding! I, of course was included in the big day, so unfortunately I had to have one of those ‘days at work with mum’ just to scrub off any of those delightful smells left… Mad and Madder, oops I mean Pip and Mia were also included-we all had to sit still whilst some strange man danced about making odd noises and clicking his box thing.  By far my favourite part though was helping clean up after, that cake-WOOF!

The next big even was much more exiting, our dog show!! WOOFFFFF!!! Mum and Dad were very busy up to the event and I was restricted to my arm chair-not that I was complaining…Zzzzz.   But the day arrived and I got to spend most of it sniffing around meeting lots of other woofs and of course made a B-Line for my den where Nan was hiding with lots of yummy cakes, of course I had to make sure they were up to scratch….

With all these busy days, it really has worn me out, until next time….Zzzzz