Woofffff….have you seen me on the big screen (or not so big on those handy things that you funny humans hold) this week?

I know I have been very quiet recently…. I promise it wasn’t because I was sleeping all the time-well maybe some of the time… Zzzzz…, but mum says she’s been too busy to open this tappy thing she helps me use to update my pawsome diary! We’ll blame mum-she wont mind….

Anywoof, back to the big screen thingy- so mum came and gave me a belly tickle the other day -not for half as long as I would like- but there I was dozing off, “ Duddy, can you keep a secret?”, is it where you keep my biscuits???… “We’re going to build a new venture, where all of your friends can come and play….” ok I might be interested, is there biscuits involved? “..and a new shop where you can buy lots of yummy things and snazzy things to buy…” ok I’m definitely interested, “…but you have to keep it a secret.” only for a extra tummy tickle..Zzzzzzzz. So I’ve done my wooferryy best to keep it a secret, but I cant keep it any longer…… WOOOF WOOOOFFFF!!!! Mum says if you humans want to find out more go on the tappy thing and paw in this: https://www.facebook.com/emilyscaninecountry/

Now if you don’t mind there’s this cold, white woofin stuff outside so I’m going to catch up on some… YAWN….Zzzzz…….Zzzzzz.

D x